We are a small group of local real estate investors who lend to fellow investors! With well established processes, great partners, and well funded capital we are able to close loans FAST,
as little as 24hrs.

Borrow from Us!
Work directly with us as lenders, no banks, no loan committees you can pick up the phone and speak with us directly. In the fast world of real estate investing you don’t want to lose a deal over time or inexperience, we are here for you to offer insight and help you make deals happen. We will do our best to accommodate you and lend you capital FAST.

Invest with Us!
We are investors just like you and invest in our own deals alongside you. Take advantage of well secured mortgage loans with first liens that banks have had access to for many years, now times have changed and the opportunity is there for private lenders to achieve returns of 7-10% passively with minimal work. Let our team do the work and you enjoy diversification and secure monthly payments directly into your account.

Our team looks forward to serving you!